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  • Do you have a longing for deeper intimacy and connection?

  • Do you want to strengthen your ability to be in a conscious relationship?


The Wild Intimacy is for you that want to learn how to create a deeper connection with yourself and an intimate partner. 


You want to deepen your ability to use consensual touch and explore deeper intimacy without limiting the rawness of your being. You want to be and learn to de-armoue the body and explore deeper levels of intimacy.


You want to explore deeper bonding and still having the freedom to be yourself. You might have a longing to explore a deeper conscious relationship, but you lack knowledge, experience and tools for making this happen. 


During The Wild Intimacy – The Lover´s Touch, we will explore these and related topics.


 You will learn how to:

 - Create a Deeper Connection

 - Touch with more awareness

 - Be able to Dearmoure the body and sex organs.

 - Practice Tantric Lovemaking

 - Design and practices for  a Conscious Relationship

Why take The Wild Intimacy Workshop?

You want to learn the Art of Touch and Lovemaking

You want to become a Masterful Lover and enjoy more intimacy and higher quality of sex in your love life. 

You want to let go of insecurity, performance anxiety and premature ejaculations.
 You are ready to own your stuff and find a way to overcome the challenges. 

You want to enjoy lovemaking and create deeper bonding!
Sex is Bonding us together.

You want to learn how to be able to remove blockages in your partner.
Dearmouring is needed to take away numbness in the sexual organs!!

You are ready to remove orgasms as the goal and learn a new way of making love.
Lovemaking is an art form.

Yes, I am ready!

How is it like?


• 5 days of training in Connection, Touch, De-armouring and Lovemaking


The Wildman Program

Wild Embodiment

Wild Intimacy

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The Wild Intimacy

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